Our Impact

Five powerful questions that require reflection about what really matters - results.

What is the organization aiming to accomplish?

Our organizations goal is to fund medical care for homeless animals residing at the Agoura Animal Care Center to avoid euthanasia for treatable conditions and by doing so increase adoption numbers of animals into loving homes. We are focused on continuing to use any means to get the word out about the good work we do within a county facility via social networking, attending events, and showcasing animals available for adoption via the internet. We fundraise throughout the year including events at local restaurants, a Holiday Boutique, and a donation appeal via our yearly newsletters along with other miscellaneous fundraisers that come our way from those who support our mission. We also apply for grants. Our goals are measured daily by the intake of animals at the shelter in need of medical care and our ability to fund their care, follow though on that care, and ultimately adopt these now healthy animals thus increasing adoptions and reducing euthanasia.

What are the organization's key strategies for making this happen?

Our strategies have included attending both adoption and public relation events, social networking and fundraising throughout the year so we can always say yes to any animal in need of medical care.

What are the organization's capabilities for doing this?

We have a network of support through those who have adopted animals funded by HHA and throughout the area served by the Agoura Animal Care Center and beyond. Our board is a mix of business persons including those with a medical and fundraising back ground and career volunteers who have both run their own business and those who have worked with in corporations along with those savvy with social networking and years of prior volunteer experience.

How will they know if they are making progress?

Our progress is measured by the adoption of animals funded under HHA and brought to good health. These animals prior to the formation of HHA (formerly Malibu Pet Companions) were routinely euthanized for treatable conditions. With HHAs support thousands of animals have been adopted to loving families thus increasing adoptions and reducing euthanasia.

What have and haven't they accomplished so far?

While we never can predict what might enter the shelter facility on a given day we hope to always have the funding available to say yes to any animal in need of medical care. Our goal in coming years is to achieve increased funding through grants and fundraisers that will allow us to be prepared for any medical care needed to bring an animal to good health thus allowing us to continue our mission of increasing adoptions and reducing euthanasia by funding medical care for treatable conditions for homeless animals at the Agoura Animal Care Center.


Sweet Vivian

Now adopted, Vivian was a transfer to Agoura from Baldwin Park Animal Care Center Vivian bloated shortly after arrival. She was rushed to Malibu Coast Animal Hospital for emergency surgery and Dr. Chris was able to save her life but called to let us know Vivian had a chain of concerning mammary tumors along with a cancer in her left eye. It was decided once she recovered from her bloat surgery she would then have surgery to remove her eye & the tumors.

Before she had a chance to fully recover, tragically her eye exploded. She was rushed back to the hospital again for emergency eye surgery along with the removal of the mammary tumors. Recovery wasn’t easy this time around, 3 major surgeries in a compressed period of time wore our poor girl out.