Meet the HHA Team

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tamy - president

Tamy joined the Board of Directors in 2013, and became president in December 2018. She is very honored to be a part of such a unique and extraordinary organization.

Tamy and her family adopted their pitbull Kala and quickly learned how affectionate and smart she is. She loves sleeping in the kids’ beds and being with her family. Kala learned many tricks, and loves performing them for a good treat.  She is frequently referred to as “Sassy” or “Diva”. Since Kala came into their life, the family is a “pit bull lover” family and advocates for the breed whenever the opportunity arises.

Tamy has been a physical therapist in the community for 25 years, and finds her work with the dogs as rewarding as her job. In her spare time, she enjoys exercising, dancing, hiking and mountain biking, and spending time with her family.

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philip - 1st vice president

Phillip was honored to accept an invitation to the HHA Board in 2016 after volunteering at the Agoura Care Center since 2014. Born in Texas, raised in Colorado, Phillip came to California to attend law school at UCLA after attending University of Colorado at Boulder for Biology and then teaching 7th Grade for a number of years. He enjoys life on the very edge of Los Angeles, where he spends countless hours exploring the nearby hills and beaches with his dogs Buddy and Sadie. 

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angie - treasurer

Angela Garfinkel, Treasurer.  I've been a volunteer at Agoura Animal Care Center since 2014 and on the Board of HHA since 2015. I love all animals but my passion for horses catches the number one place in my heart. At the Care Center I've put my energy towards the horses and other livestock. I'm very grateful to have been part of placing over 80 horses.


irene - secretary

Irene is a retired physician who has been a volunteer at Agoura since 2013 and on the HHA Board since 2014.  She is the medical liaison to the vets and is able to help explain medical issues to potential adopters.  She is also the mom to two former Agoura Shelter dogs, Brodie age 15 and Talia age 4. 


robin - director emeritus

Robin has held the position of Director Emeritus since 2014 when she retired from the Board after having served as President of HHA for 7 years. Her current role is that of historian for the nonprofit, doing all the social networking for HHA, and filling in to help with tasks where ever she is needed. Robin is privileged to be involved with such an extraordinary organization that makes a difference for medical needy homeless pets at the Agoura Animal Care Center for which she has been a volunteer for 20 years.  She is a proud dog Mom to adopted  Labbie Paxton and Weimaraner Walter a senior adoption at age 12 from Agoura.

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tiffany - 2nd vice president

Tiffany was honored to be asked to join the HHA Board of Directors as 2nd Vice President in 2019. A lifelong animal parent, she spends Saturdays volunteering at the Agoura Care Center giving extra love & attention to our K9 companions. Tiffany grew up surrounded by animals in her home - from German Shepards, Labs, Boxers & Chihuahuas to cats & goldfish and lastly to one 35 year old tortoise. Tiffany adopted a dog that was in HHA's care through the foster program. What was supposed to be a 3 day "back-up" foster stay has turned into a forever home for Kailey.  They enjoy spending evenings at the beach and weekends roading tripping through California and beyond. Tiffany firmly believes the volunteer work at the Agoura Care Center and the amazing program Healthcare for Homeless Animals provides, not only improves the quality of life for animals, but for people as well.


jenn - associate treasurer

Jenn joined the HHA Board of Director's in 2011. Besides spending quality time with the homeless animals in our care, one of the things she loves best about her volunteer work is educating the public about animal healthcare, proper diet and overall emotional wellness. Animal welfare has been near and dear to her heart since she was a small child. Her family regularly had a menagerie of rescued dogs, cats, fish and at times, even bunnies.  Growing up next door to a veterinarian, she knew the importance of animal healthcare from a very young age, which makes HHA’s mission even more important for her. Besides her family, close friends, Rygel and Scout, working with other volunteers, Animal Control staff and local vets is one of the highlights of her life.  


ann - associate secretary

Ann joined the Board in 2018 and has been a volunteer at the Agoura Care Center since 2014. A life long cat owner, she enjoys her involvement with Agoura’s cats and is putting her many years of classroom teaching experience to use as the manager of training for new cat volunteers.

In her house, a five year old cat named  Marley is in charge. He charms everyone with his good looks and winning ways and hopes they will overlook his tendency toward mischief making! In addition to enjoying time spent with family and friends (and the cats) Ann has been involved with other nonprofits, loves a good book and plays a mean game of Mah Jongg whenever she gets a chance.

Ann is inspired by HHA’s commitment to the health and welfare of all animals and is honored to be a member of the Board.  Prompt diagnosis, medications, treatments and supportive care not only saves lives in the short term but also exponentially increases the chance of a long happy life with a forever family. It is a rare and precious gift the organization is able to give to the animal, to the adopting family and to the community.