Our Mission

Every day animals enter the Agoura Animal Care Center, many with medical needs, some long term, others quick fixes. Whatever the need, whatever the animal, Healthcare for Homeless Animals is there to support the medical care necessary to bring homeless animals housed at the shelter to good health and adoption into a loving home thus decreasing euthanasia and increasing adoptions.

Funded Medical Exams, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Any animal entering the Agoura Animal Care Center, no matter the species from cats and dogs to horses with everything in between including reptiles, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, pot belly pigs receive funding for needed medical care. Care funded includes but is not limited to diagnostic lab work, special food, prescription medicine and shampoos, major and minor surgeries including spay/neuter, dentals, orthopedics, as well as support for nursing mothers and their litters and litters with out mothers who need to be bottle fed.

Forever Young Senior Wellness Exam Program

The Senior Wellness Exam program was re-dedicated in memory of a former board members son Matthew Young who passed away in 2014. Senior animals entering a shelter system are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. Through the Forever Young Senior Wellness Exam Program senior animals entering the Agoura Animal Care Center are fully vetted thus providing a second chance at finding their forever home. The medical care might be as simple as a Senior Wellness exam to determine an animal's current health, something more involved such as a dental cleaning, or a more challenging condition that requires surgery and prescription medications. Whatever these precious seniors need, Forever Young will ensure them their care is funded thus encouraging an adopter to take a chance on a senior pet. As a result of this program the Agoura Animal Care Center has one of the highest senior adoption rates in LA County.

Forever Young is a lasting tribute to a young man who gave unconditional love to many animals throughout his life. Please consider donating to Forever Young...your donation will help a precious senior begin their journey towards adoption and honor Matthew's lifetime devotion and care of the homeless senior animals he cherished.

Hospice Program

HHA provides for hospice care for animals not yet ready to cross the rainbow bridge. Volunteers take animals into their homes to allow them to live out whatever time they have left. No extraordinary measures are used aside from basic care to keep the animal comfortable. While in hospice these animals are constantly monitored by a veterinarian to assure their life is not being prolonged beyond what is humane.

Foster Care

25-30 approved county foster volunteers support homeless pets through post medical recovery care as well as provide care for mothers with litters and litters that do not have mothers. Post medical recovery care can be surgical care requiring cage rest and gentle rehab after limb surgery, care away from the shelter to adjust to the loss of limb or eye, or adjustment to medication all funded by HHA. In addition fosters also care for motherless kittens and puppies to be bottle fed for the first four weeks of life and then help them adjust to solid food while socializaing them for weeks four to eight. In these cases HHA will fund the mothers milk needed as well as any medical care that may be required. Fosters also care for mothers with litters where HHA will step in to fund necessary medical for the mother and her young charges which can range from emergency care to well puppy exams to well care for the mother including mastitis and nutrition issues.